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Parchment texture background for Kellerica Maps

Who am I?

My name is Rik (although I'm usually known online as Kellerica), and I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Dumfriesshire, Scotland. I've lived most of my life in my native Finland, but have called Scotland home for a few years now.

I'm the child of two graphic designers, and digital art has always felt like home. While I loved the maps accompanying the fantasy novels I devoured as a kid, it wasn't until my late teens that I actually tried my hand at making some myself. I found myself quickly falling in love with the craft, and I've been creating and mapping fictional worlds ever since.​

My artwork is digitally hand-drawn with a Xencelabs 24" pen display, and I use Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop to put the illustrations together. I also know my way around layout and vector design, and am comfortable with both Adobe and Affinity suites for that line of work.
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