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Parchment texture background for Kellerica Maps

My Cartography Work


Partial Colour Maps

Partial colour style mainly differs from parchment maps by colouring. It's more stylised than a full colour map, mainly consisting of two main colours - land and sea.

Greyscale Maps

Black and white, or greyscale maps are best suited for physical books. The minimal colouring and texturing make the maps more printer friendly.

Full Colour Maps

Full colour maps are more complex than parchment or partial colour works. The colours are usually aimed to be a tad more realistic - blues for waters, greens for land, and different biomes are represented in different colours.

Top-Down Maps

Every now and then I enjoy experimenting with different styles and colours. Here you can see a few results of those experiments.

Parchment Maps

Parchment style is perhaps the most classic look of a fantasy map. The colours and texturing are created to evoke the feeling of an antiqued paper or parchment. The perfect map to accompany a classic medieval fantasy story.